Reservation Rules of RCAS Core-Facilities
  • All instruments require prior reservation before use.
  • Cancellation of reservation must be earlier than the scheduled time. For XPS and ToF-SIMS that require longer sample preparation, cancellation much be three days ahead of the scheduled time.
  • If the user did not arrive within 15 min of scheduled time, other user can report to the manager and use the instrument. The original user who made the reservation still needs to pay for the charge.
  • Operating instruments without reservation or did not cancel reservation as instructed, the privilege will be revoke for one month and the advisor will be notified. For those who break this rule for three times, the privilege will be revoked permanently.
  • Manager can adjust the reservation when necessary.
General Administrative Rules of RCAS Core-Facilities
  • Users have to have a valid account in the "Principal Investigator Budget Management System" of Academia Sinica. The usage fee will be deducted through the transfer mechanism in each April, July, and October. If the usage fee is not paid in full, the access privilege will be suspended. In this case, administrators can require the used to pre-paid the same amount of pervious usage fee before reinstate the access privilege.
  • All the instruments are open to qualified users in the manner of self-service. There is no operator and no full-service available. Qualified users can train new users as needed and these new users can become qualified users after qualified by administrators. If trainings from administrators are needed, the usage fee will be doubled during the training sessions.
  • If the user did not respect rules or damage the instrument due to misusage, user has to pay for the repair in full. Furthermore, before the instrument is repaired, the user has to pay for the usage fee of all the operation session available.
  • Users from Academia Sinica, AS Nano-Project, and RCAS can receive discounts of 30%, 50%, and 70% off, respectively.
  • Toxic chemicals (as defined by EPA and regardless if it is under controlled by EPA), volatile, radio-active, explosive, and biological-active substances are prohibited. Based the requirement of each instrument, administrators can disallow additional types of samples like (include, but not limited by) magnetic, powder, etc. If these substances are used without special permission, the user and the related research group will be banned permanently.
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